Adverbs; to use or not to use that is the question!

I recently joined a community on Google+ (Writer’s Discussion Group) and posted my excerpt from Tabeth. I wanted some feedback on it to judge just how much revision I still have to do. This is a passage that I feel is ‘finished’, so I thought it would be a good test. What I got is that it has promise, but there is still work to be done! One comment reminded me of the oft quoted rule not to use adverbs. So I thought I would talk a bit about that.

Writer’s Digest offers some good articles and tips for writers and I recently read one on adverbs ( that reminds us that not ALL adverbs need to be eliminated, some work just fine. Eliminating the adverbs however spotlights important movements and moments. If the walk down a corridor is important to set the mood, highlighting everything in the hallway is a good way to create tension and set mood. But if it is just a walk down a corridor to get to the next room, you can walk quickly or slowly or whatever you want just fine.

Bottom line, I need to find the parts that need highlighted and eliminate the adverbs!

Back to work again… 🙂

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