Russian schoolgirl shoots several classmates, leaving 1 dead, before killing herself

State news agencies and authorities in Russia say a girl shot several classmates before killing herself at a school in the city of Bryansk.

A former Ukrainian lawmaker who fled to Russia found shot dead outside of Moscow

A renegade Ukrainian lawmaker who fled to Russia shortly after Moscow’s invasion has been found dead near Moscow.

Turkish, Greek leaders signal markedly improved ties between the two NATO allies

After several years of strained relations that raised tensions to alarming levels, longtime regional rivals Greece and Turkey have made a significant step in mending ties during a visit to Athens by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

UK says Russia’s intelligence service behind sustained attempts to meddle in British democracy

Britain’s government says Russia’s intelligence services have targeted high-profile British politicians, civil servants and journalists with cyberespionage and “malicious cyberactivity” as part of sustained attempts to interfere in U.K. political processes.

Hopes for a Mercosur-EU trade deal fade yet again as leaders meet in Brazil

The heads of state from South America’s Mercosur trade bloc are in Rio de Janeiro for a meeting that is expected to disappoint members hoping to finalize a deal with the European Union.

Azerbaijan to hold snap presidential election on February 7, shortly before Russia’s vote

President Ilham Aliyev has ordered Azerbaijan’s Central Election Commission to prepare for an early presidential election on Feb. 7, shortly ahead of Russia’s presidential election on March 17.

China’s exports in November edged higher for the first time in 7 months, while imports fell

Customs data show that China’s exports rose in November, indicating that demand may be picking up following months of decline.

UK authorities make arrest following investigation into the sale of unapproved jet engine parts

There’s been an arrest in the case of suspected unapproved aircraft parts, some of which have wound up on planes operated by leading airlines.

The UK plans to ignore part of its human rights law to revive a Rwanda asylum plan

The U.K. government has published legislation that will let it ignore a part of the country’s human rights laws in order to send asylum-seekers on a one-way trip to Rwanda.

Union representing German train drivers calls strike that will hit passenger services

A union representing German train drivers is calling its members to strike for 24 hours this week, following the breakdown of talks with the main national operator in what is shaping up to be an unusually difficult dispute over pay and working hours.

Italian prosecutors say no evidence of Russian secret service role in escape of suspect sought by US

Milan prosecutors say there is no evidence of Russian secret services involvement in the escape from Italian custody of a Russian businessman wanted by the U.S. on sanctions-busting charges.

European Union calls for “the beginning of the end” of fossil fuels at COP28 climate talks

This year’s climate talks should “mark the beginning of the end” of fossil fuels the European Commissioner for Climate Action said on Wednesday as the United Nations summit wrapped up its first week.

The UK apologizes to families of 97 Liverpool soccer fans killed in a stadium crush 34 years ago

The British government has apologized to the families of 97 Liverpool soccer fans killed in a stadium crush 34 years ago.

Albania’s opposition speaks up at the Constitutional Court against ratifying migrant deal with Italy

The opposition in Albania has spoken up at the Constitutional Court against the ratification of a contentious deal the government has signed with Italy to jointly process some asylum applications of migrants arriving in Italy by sea.

A group of Norwegian unions says it will act against Tesla in solidarity with its Swedish colleagues

A conglomerate of unions in Norway says it will take action against Tesla in solidarity with its Swedish colleagues.

A new Dutch parliament has been sworn in after Wilders’ victory in the national election 2 weeks ago

A new lower house of the Dutch parliament has been sworn. That’s two weeks after the far-right party of lawmaker Geert Wilders won a general election in a seismic shift that reverberated through Europe.

US experts are in Cyprus to assist police investigating alleged sanctions evasion by Russians

Cyprus’ government says a group of experts from the United States is on the island to assist law enforcement authorities with investigations into alleged sanctions evasion by Russian oligarchs.

Slovakia’s new government closes prosecutor’s office that deals with corruption and serious crimes

Slovakia’s new government of populist Prime Minister Robert Fico has approved an amendment to the country’s penal code to close the special prosecutor’s office that deals with the most serious crimes and corruption.

Dutch plans to tackle climate change are in doubt after the election victory of a far-right party

The outgoing Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, told delegates at the COP28 United Nations climate conference his country is “committed to accelerating our efforts” to tackle climate change.

NATO member-to-be Sweden and the US sign defense deal, saying it strengthens regional security

On the brink of joining NATO, Sweden has signed a defense cooperation agreement with Washington that will allow the United States access to all of the military bases across the Scandinavian country, saying the deal would bolster regional security.

Turkey’s Erdogan tends to strained relationship with EU with ‘win-win’ trip to neighbor Greece

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will fly to Greece on Thursday on a visit designed to set the historically uneasy neighbors on a more constructive path and help repair his country’s strained relationship with the European Union.

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson admits to making mistakes but defends COVID record at inquiry

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has acknowledged that his government was too slow to grasp the scale of the COVID-19 crisis.

Europe was set to lead the world on AI regulation. But can leaders reach a deal?

The generative AI boom has sent governments worldwide scrambling to regulate the emerging technology.

Pope says he’s ‘much better’ after a bout of bronchitis but still gets tired if he speaks too much

Pope Francis says he’s “much better” after a two-week bout of bronchitis but says speaking still makes him tired.

Under Putin, the uber-wealthy Russians known as ‘oligarchs’ are still rich but far less powerful

When Vladimir Putin came to power in 2000, the outside world viewed “Russian oligarchs” as men who whose vast wealth, ruthlessly amassed, made them almost shadow rulers.

An earthquake, a shipwreck and a king’s coronation are among Europe’s views in 2023

ATHENS, Greece (鶹ýapp) — Two men play with a ball in the placid sea; a woman practices yoga where the water meets the hot sand.

Italian prosecutors seek 6 suspects who allegedly aided the escape of Russian man sought by the US

Milan prosecutors have identified six suspects who allegedly aided the escape from Italian custody of a Russian national a day after a court ruled in favor of extraditing him to the United States to face sanctions-busting charges.

Tom Hanks draws on his love of space for immersive documentary ‘The Moonwalkers’

Tom Hanks is a lifelong space buff. The two-time Academy Award-winning actor has channeled his passion into “The Moonwalkers,” an immersive documentary experience opening this week in London.

British Museum loan to Greece coincides with dispute over demand to return Parthenon Marbles

Greece’s Acropolis Museum has launched an exhibition that includes a renowned ancient Greek water jug from 420 B.C. on loan from the British Museum.

Senior EU official warns of huge security risk in Europe over Christmas as Israel-Hamas war rages

European Union Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson is warning that Europe faces “a huge risk of terrorist attacks” over the Christmas holiday period.

French lawmakers approve bill to ban disposable e-cigarettes to protect youth drawn to their flavors

France’s National Assembly has unanimously approved a bill to ban single-use, disposable electronic cigarettes, in an attempt to protect young people drawn to their flavors and mitigate the environmental impacts of the disposable products known as “puffs.”

Munich Airport suspends all flights due to freezing rain

Freezing rain and cold weather buffeting Germany have been blamed for traffic accidents that left three dead while Munich Airport temporarily suspended flights.

Prince Harry challenges the decision to strip him of security in Britain after he moved to the US

Prince Harry is challenging the British government’s decision to strip him of his security detail after he gave up his status as a working member of the royal family and moved to the United States.

Argentina’s outgoing government rejects EU-Mercosur trade deal, but incoming administration backs it

Argentina’s outgoing government says it will not support the signing of a long-delayed trade deal between the European Union and the South American bloc Mercosur during a summit this week in Brazil even though the incoming Argentine government has expressed support for the deal.

Niger’s junta revokes key security agreements with EU and turns to Russia for defense partnership

Niger’s junta has scrapped two key military agreements that the West African nation signed with the European Union to help fight violence in Africa’s Sahel region.