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2020 VOID

I had big hopes coming into 2020… I think all of us did to some extent. A new year, a fresh start, new goals to push towards. Then a monkey got thrown into our wrench and everything went to hell! … Continue reading

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Swanning Legends (is swanning a word?)

Ancestors of Man side notes: OK so this isn’t about Homo Erectus, but instead about a much later hominin; Homo denisovia. But this article shows just how long a fact-made-legend can stick around. In my ancient-historical fiction novel (still in … Continue reading

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DNA Magic!

They are learning from DNA! This reconstruction, based purely on DNA has an 85% accuracy! They know this because they tried it on a chimpanzee and a Neanderthal, which was then compared to their known anatomy. Pretty good when you … Continue reading

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Sleeping Stories #1

Dreaming… My own Private Movies! Back in 2001, I had an online Dream Journal on the blog site Xanga. The idea was that I would write down any and all dream material I could remember right when I woke up. … Continue reading

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#PitDark results

I had only one solid response to my #PitDark pitches, but the process was NOT a loss. Writing those pitches made me think about a bunch of things, got my connections to a lot of new authors who write horror … Continue reading

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PitDark Event!

Tomorrow is the #Pitdark pitch event over at twitter! I’m nervous and excited and STILL don’t know which of the over 20 pitches I’m going to use!!! lol So if you want to follow along check out my twitter page … Continue reading

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Why editing is so important. My response to the latest Immerse or Die report.

I love reading the Immerse or Die reports by Dave Higgins. They are very good for teaching a writer what not to do, and it the case of the books that make it, what you should do. Here is the … Continue reading

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Chapter Magic!

I sent my novel (Tabeth: Opening Eternity B1) back to my wonderful editor +Trish Jackson for its second round of edits this week. While I wait for her to fix my fixes I thought it would be a good time … Continue reading

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National Poetry Month #2

In honor of NPM I found this poem in my files that I feel is both a good poem, and a good story. Short as it is, I could see this one at the beginning of a book/short story.  It … Continue reading

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National Poetry Month

In honor of National Poetry Month I am going to post some of my poems. Nothing new really, just some I think are pretty good from my archives. Let me know what you think! damply drips the sun winding its … Continue reading

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