Sleeping Stories #1

Dreaming… My own Private Movies!

Back in 2001, I had an online Dream Journal on the blog site Xanga. The idea was that I would write down any and all dream material I could remember right when I woke up. Even before coffee!! At the same time I was trying my hand at lucid dreaming techniques I was learning from the Lucidity Institute which included dream journaling and reality checks during the day. I wasn’t very successful at increasing my lucid dreaming, but I sure got some crazy dreams wrote down!

I have always had very vivid and strange dreams, often including scary things like aliens, demons, vampires, and unseen things chasing me. I used to wake up screaming from the worst of them, until my first accidental lucid moment. Basically, I held myself in a semi-wakened state, the dream froze like a movie on pause, and I said to myself; “I’m afraid enough to wake up if I want to.” But then I decided, no, it was only a dream and it couldn’t hurt me, besides, I wanted to see how it would end. And the dream started back up again! From then on I wasn’t nearly as afraid and considered them my own private movies.

So here I am in 2019 backing up my Xanga page before the site disappears and I realize that some of these are just gems! It’s amazing how even hours after having a dream it dissipates into smoke, so reading them, after all this time, I’m really shaking my head! And so… Sleeping Stories is born! I’m not only going to give you some gems from my old Dream Journal, but I’m going to try to start Journaling again.

The things that come out of MyMind!

Okay, here we go, the first dream on my old DJ, and guess what? It’s about vampires! lol

4-4-01 cant remember how it starts… something happened, I was in a classroom, a student, with other students and a teacher/professor type… Vampires… something happens to bring to my attention that I may be a vamp, early stages….. it’s dark, damp, I think someone died or we have a body or something, I think we are studying vamps…. later I leave and meet my boyfriend: Mexican? big, muscles, told him in a whisper I may be vamp.. he says nothing, no kids that way, taboo, not horrified, but he’s not thrilled either…. later the vamps are causing chaos, the streets aren’t safe, lots of vamps! there are special indoor areas for the rich, mall-like, safe from the vamps. they don’t know I’m turning into one, scarred they will find out, vamps are like vermin you see… I’m in the popular crowd, don’t want to be kicked out…. vamps are starting to become epidemic, don’t want them to know … boyfriend not around, with other popular friends, they don’t know… more here…. but I can’t remember…. feeling of really seeing through those eyes. excited at being a vamp, but feeling it was wrong what the vamps were doing and not wanting anyone to know – not wanting to lose my place in the popular crowd….. this dream really stuck with me until I wrote it down…. important somehow…. the good ones always stick with me…
*note* you will have to forgive the spelling and choppiness, it’s just how I write down my dreams, it’s not often you remember a dream crystal clear, it comes in images, feelings, and clumps of clear thought. that and there’s no spellcheck on this thing hehe.

I signed it MM lol One of my old pages was Midnight Metal
vampires at the mall… get it? lol

I think the thing I like most about this is that if I ever wanted to start another (ANOTHER!) project, this is a full-on story idea! I could totally see this as a YA horror/romance.

What do you think? Do you remember your dreams, or do they slip away before you can catch them? Have you ever lucid dreamed?

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