School assignments gone fun!

In my exposition and persuasion class we got a fun assignment! One of the options was to respond with a poem, so here’s mine! Check the video out first!!

View the clip, Monty Python‘s Argument Culture at YouTube

Option 1: What is the difference between contradiction and argument?

Poem response.

Did to!

Did not!

Child’s argument from grown up mouths,

Futile contradiction

Automatic gainsay

Yes it ‘tis!

No it ‘tisn’t!

Easily offered denial

Illogical emotional response


Controversial statements establishing

Intellectual dispute

Propositions with reasons offered

Terms with considerations given

For opposition’s plea

I do not agree because…

This is true, but…

Why do you say that is so?

Argument achieved.

~Tina Rich 10/11/2011

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