Merry Chirstmas! Happy Holidays and a Peaceful Yule to you all!

Oh I forgot Hanukkah, well holidays covers all of them right? Anyway, been a while sense I’ve been on here. Did all the updates, and now I have to get writing!

On the News front…. my one and only child is moving back to Utah NOW… TODAY…. Xmas morning!!! “I’ll leave home for Christmas… alala” let’s hope the weather holds out there as she is flying.

Codes and Keys

Codes and Keys (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Got the new Death Cab for Cutie CD from her for Xmas though, so that’s cool.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 (Photo credit: JesarArts)

Part of the reason I haven’t been writing is #1 we bought a house (first one) and that’s cool, but takes a lot of work and such. #2 school sucked this semester, hope next sem. is better. #3 I have been playing FAR too much Guild Wars2 !!!

Anyway…. this is it for today, but if I don’t post some meaningful content at least once a week from now on, I’m beating myself with a wet noodle and you getta watch!! LOL

PS that includes updates on my book, which I am going to start giving an overhaul for serious publishing.

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    I’ll watch

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