Oh no… an IDEA.

OK, so I was reading the Nov/Dec issue of The Writer and got an idea for revising a section of my novel Tabeth that I’m stuck on. In their section “Writing Essentials” they talk about Flash Fiction and how “Flash is best served by focusing on one inciting incident or problem.” (pg11) I thought of my book when I read this because this particular part of the novel is key, yet is just a small flash in the entire story. It is also a bit different than the rest of the book as it has (or is supposed to have) a lot of romantic overlays, where overall this is a horror novel. This section is where the characters really start falling in love and their relationship really starts to define itself. Instead of being intense, seductive, and chillingly romantic, it kind of comes off cold and indifferent.

Soooooo, I propose to take this one scene in my novel and weave it into a vampire-romance (Shutter… did I really just say that?!) Flash Fiction of around 1,000 words. Something that could stand alone as a short story, yet still fit into the novel as a whole without feeling like an alien arm sticking out of its head. What do you think? Do I have enough working knowledge of the romance genre to pull it off? Can I get the word count right? Will Tabeth come alive out of the text file and rip my throat out for trying???

ooooooooohhhh I hope so!

Before I start however, perhaps I should look up the essential parts of a romance story….

Or maybe not, it might put me off the whole project….

A quote used in the above article about flash fiction: “Great big cosmic powers, itty bitty living space.” (Gene from Disney’s Aladdin) Gotta remember that.

Aladdin (1992 Disney film)

Aladdin (1992 Disney film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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