Try This: sense impression

In my Creative Writing book (Imaginative Writing by Janet Burroway) there are short exercises called Try This. We only did a handful of them in class so I am going back through the book and doing more. This is one of them.

Pick some words that represent abstractions, generalizations, and/or judgments. Invent an image that suggests each word.This is NOT a definition, but a sense impression.


-warm, soft, comfortable blanket enfolding in a suffocating layer of right



-eyes straight ahead, wind in your face, walking away from easy

Good exercise, I invite you to try some!

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  1. W.G. Cambron says:

    I have to read her book for my Creative Writing class this semester. Half the time I feel like I’m reading someone talking to high school freshmen. But her Try This aint too shabby, honestly.
    And good impression, btw. 🙂

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