Try This: write a super-short story

Try This: write a super-short story, no more than 150 words! Make sure your story has a conflict, a crisis, and a resolution. This is more challenging than you would expect, also more fun.

She was on a train. It was dark outside and the rain beat the windows with a passion. Where was the train then? Where had it come from and where was it going? She looked around the plain, no frills compartment, but it was empty of all save a small bag on the seat beside her. Opening the bag she found a passport for one Miss Ella McPaul, 13, of England. Wispy blond hair and blue eyes in a roundish face greeted her in the mirror found next. It matched the passport photo. But what was she doing here? The door opened and a nicely dressed gentleman entered. He shut the door behind him and sat down by Ella.

“Did you have a nice nap then?” he asked kindly, “I am your father and you have amnesia. We are on a train to see a specialist. Would you like anything?”

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