A Thesaurus is your friend

Exodus not
Bewildered in a maze
Trapped without escape
unknowing chaos
Tangled intricacy
Inescapable entanglement

(9th 1986-7)


I discovered the marvels of the Thesaurus back in my freshman year of high school. If you are a writer this wondrous little book should be on your quick reach shelf right next to the dictionary and whatever else is on your reference shelf. (I have a rhyming dictionary and one on punctuation and style as those are weak spots for me.) I also enjoy the wonders of Microsoft Word’s synonyms that you can access simply by right clicking on the word in question, but having that book to peruse is still the best way to gain inspiration.

Yet, as this poem shows, it is possible to over-use this fascinating resource. I like this poem and the tone it gives off, yet it doesn’t have the personal meaning to me that a lot of my poems have. Why? Well I looked up an interesting word in my brand new Thesaurus and then another and then another and put them together to form this nice little poem. Which might make a good poem, but has no soul. So while I encourage all writers to pick up a Thesaurus on a regular basis, let it enrich your writing, not overwhelm it.

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2 Responses to A Thesaurus is your friend

  1. jacsprat says:

    I really like this little poem. The Thesaurus could entertain me for hours if I let it.
    Thanks for the shoutout this week. 🙂

  2. Barbi says:

    MIA!!!! I just went back to Xanga and found that you had moved to here. I really like what you did here. Nice! Write to me with news of you. I’ve missed a lot of my Xanga friends! You are on that list! Hope all is well with you and yuors! (Thesaurus is a mandatory, fascinating, never boring tool!)

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