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Well I am still working on the chapters running up to the ‘big romantic first contact!’ chapter, and I am finding issues with my timeline. Sigh… logistics are a bother! I find poor Kris wandering in a sewer in search of Tabeth only to I get them together and Tabeth talks about things that haven’t happened yet! (or I haven’t bothered to write yet and there’s no TIME in the current timeline for her to have DONE them!) grrrr And if I make him wander around for another day/night to get those things done I have to figure out how to at least get him some water because two days wandering in a sewer without food might be doable, but humans gotta drink! Forget sentence diagrams, I am now working on detailed timeline diagrams to figure out these issues!

OK, that’s too many exclamation points. Chill girl, take it one step at a time, one conflict at a time, you’ll get it done. Perhaps there are some timeline tips on the WWW somewhere I can use to help out, let me look…

English: Line art drawing of a kris. Français ...

English: Line art drawing of a kris. Français : Dessin d’un kris. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*Giggles* Zemanta suggested this picture in response to my post LOL Kris!


OK I might have found a tool that will help, but I need to work with it a bit to really tell if this will help more than my notebook messes. Weather it helps or not I like the blog I found it on and will be back over there to read more of her tips. She seems to have the same trouble I do with keeping timelines strait, so we will see how it goes.


Her blog, and the post were you can find her handy Fiction Timeline Worksheet is: Sandra Chmara Writing and Editing

Thanks Sandra I will give it a try!

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