Serial Story “Redemption’s Power”

I was reading this fascinating article about writing serial stories:

So I decided to try my hand at them. In the spirit of the “penny dreadfuls” of old, this story will be spit out of my brain in episodes. Most of them will be lightly edited by just me, so be warned of their potentially raw quality. The story I’ve decided to use was started in my Creative Writing class last year, so some of it will have been peer reviewed and graded. One ‘episode’ will be in a Drama format, because we had to do a drama. To be honest I don’t know how this story ends. My hope is to be pleasantly surprised.

The story is called Redemption’s Power, so please enjoy and comment all you like!

OH! And I am aware of its similarities to a certain great and all powerful comic book series/tv/movies. The characters and story line is completely all mine though as I hope you will be able to see for yourselves. Besides I don’t believe you can copywrite an entire genre of sci-fi, so I think I’m pretty safe on that account.

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