Wet Noodle Whipping

Well, last week was a bust. Our furnace broke and we are running on space heaters. brrrrrrrr Not freezing, but can you say double sweaters and throw blankets? Check that with school

"Whipping Tom", detail from the Yale...

“Whipping Tom”, detail from the Yale Center ‘Panorama’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

starting this week and you a got a recipe for a Wet Noodle Whipping!

I’m sure my husband will wana watch hehe.

Sooooo since I did NOTHING on my book last week, I need to do something meaningful this week despite school starting and all that jazz. We shall see what today brings.

Book I just read last night for my Children’s Lit class that was very sweet and sad and said way more than what was on the surface. Just like good poetry should:

LOVE THAT DOG by Sharon Creech

Cover of "Love That Dog"

Cover of Love That Dog

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