Flash NON-Fiction

Flash Fiction generally refers to the fiction of around 100 words or so. This is a FLASH that is coherent enough to give the reader a true sense of not only what is going on, but some of the emotion of the moment. For one of my classes, we were asked to write a flash NON-fiction, a memory from our own, or another child’s, real life. Not only that but we were to put it in the perspective of that child. I found this so fun that I had to share what I wrote!

A cock and a hen roosting together.

Mommy and Daddy told us to stand like in Red Rover and not let the dogs in. My older sister Tabby was much bigger than me, I had to yell and kick at the dogs to keep them away, she just had to tell them “NO!” Mommy says the chickens don’t feel it and they sure do taste good! But still, I didn’t look. Tabby called me a sissy, but she didn’t look either. Suddenly a chicken ran out between us and the dogs gave chase! We ran after the dogs and mommy and daddy ran after us! It was a Hoopla until the chicken realized it was running around without its head and decided to lay down like a decent dead chicken! We were all breathing hard and laughing, even daddy!

This was my own memory and I was about 4 or 5, which would make this around 1976ish…. wow that’s really dating me! LOL Oh well! Hope you like it!


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