Fun Parade


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The ’90’s saw a whirl-wind of poems from me; for the first time ever I was connected to other poets via WebTV. (wow I’m old!)  So when I was looking for a poem to post for your enjoyment I decided to look in this era of my life. I was really looking for a fall-ish one to go with the fall poems I have been reading on some other blogger’s sites, but this one fit in better with my current search for a Halloween costume. I LOVE Halloween!

Hope you enjoy.

OH, and if you would like to read a very nice fall poem I found a few days ago, head over to Jacsprat.


Fun Parade


Down to hell’s dark

fun parade

Down to the chill

pleasures of the night


Fill your heart with

cool, sweet fear

Fill your mind with

desire’s madness


Down to the

chaos of the soul

Down to the

safety of the night


Cast aside

loves chains

Cast out the

golden light


Down to hell’s dark

fun parade

Down with the wild

ones tonight



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  1. W.G. Cambron says:

    Mhm, this is a ’90s poem alright. Good job… makes me want to join in the parade!

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