Redemption’s Power

Episode 2

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Short Circuit

The screams of the dying wouldn’t hush up even after the cup full of pills they forced down her before breakfast. Their incessant clawing at the inside of Cassy’s head made it impossible to eat her breakfast. All she could do was rock back and forth in misery at the cafeteria’s table. An aide offered her a fork full of eggs, but as it reached Sarah’s face a shock ran up the fork and made her drop it with a yelp. Shaking out her numb right hand, she tried to get Cassy to eat some bacon, but the pain in Cassy’s head made her nauseous and the taste of the greasy bacon caused Cassy to puke it, and the pills, up all over the aide.

Cassy wasn’t sure if it was the voices in her head or her that was making the raucous laughter, but she crawled in despair under the table to try to escape it. Pulling her soiled white slip down over her knees, Sarah felt the cold seep into her from the tile floor, and wished it would numb the voices in her head like it did her thin body. Why wouldn’t they leave her alone? She thought. She hadn’t meant to kill them. She didn’t know how to stop doing this thing she did!

Hard hands grabbed her shoulders from behind and tried to pull her out from under the table. Cassy screamed in sudden fear and pushed, not with her hands, but with that power that boiled under the surface of her skin. The hands left her and other screams filled her ears, real ones, full of fear. After a short battle with her tangled hair Cassy managed to get the rest of the way out and look at what she had done. The large male aide was lying still where he had crashed into the neighboring table. The smell of burnt flesh and ozone mingled with the harsh cleaner, greasy food, and fear that saturated the room. The doctor looked up from examining him and regarded Cassy with hard eyes she had come to dread.

“Hold her” he ordered, his eyes narrowing with cold determination. A nurse handed him a syringe and he checked that it was correct.

“No…” moaned Cassy, she knew what this meant. Last time they had sedated her she had lost a week of conscious memory and then got put through the worse tests yet. “Please, I didn’t mean to!”

Three strong aides grabbed her from all of her possible escape routes, picking her up and holding her down on the now vacant table. Cassy felt the power build and realized she could hurt these big men, but who knew what they would do to her if she killed anyone else! Her physical struggles were next to nothing, too many drugs and too little food had been getting into her body the last few months.

“Please!” She begged the doctor as he came up to her now prone form. “Please I’ll be good! I didn’t mean to hurt him. I’ll eat, I swear!” But the doctor only looked at her with disgust and shoved the syringe into her arm. As the needle violated her vein, Cassy’s voiced joined the chorus of dead screaming in her head. The sedative washed all desire away, leaving her helpless on that table, yet she could still hear what was going on around her as in a dream.

“I want this changeling isolated from the rest of the patients, this is what you get when you let these dangerous creatures loose with the general population. “ The hard eyed doctor said.

“Yes doctor,” said the nurse, “perhaps a change in medication will help her control this ‘thing’ she does.” She suggested, her voice dripping disgust.

“I have a theory about that.” The doctor said, “If you want a circuit to stop conducting electricity you short it out…”

© Maria Rich 2011

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  1. W.G. Cambron says:

    Poor Cassy. She’s hated for not knowing how to control her own powers.
    The doctor reminds me of the Nazi doctors, about his ‘theory’. This is a very interesting twist of events.
    Is this just a memory or is this real time now?

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