Excerpt from Tabeth

This is an excerpt from my vampire novel Tabeth that I am currently revising. Sarah is a detective and she is interviewing a woman who’s husband was Tabeth’s latest victim.

“…Sarah handed the woman yet another kleenex, “Let’s go back to the window, where were you and your husband standing when the window broke?” Focusing her on the window instead of what came through it or her husband seemed the least likely to upset her more.

The woman sniffed, took a deep breath and continued, “We were standing right in front of the window. When it hit my husband it ripped his hands off me.” She showed Sarah the nasty scratches on her neck surrounded by growing bruising. The bastard had been in the process of strangling her! “When I looked around after I got up, I could see it, she had him.” Her eyes grew wide again, but it seemed her crying had somehow giving her more strength. “She had fangs, and she was clamped onto Darrel’s neck. It was snarling like an animal, her claws dug into him, holding him as she… she…” the woman stopped, the whites of her eyes showing, but she didn’t cry, she didn’t break down. “Her eyes were like a wolves’, or a lion.” She looked at Sarah then. “You know how lions hold onto the deer’s throat while pinning them down till they suffocate? It reminded me of that. Only she wasn’t suffocating him, and it happened so fast. One moment she had him like that and the next she was screaming in rage, throwing him across the room! She just threw him like she was throwing a bag of trash. Then she screamed again, only this time it was more like a roar type scream, I can’t describe it. But I will NEVER forget it.” The woman had her hands up over her mouth, and looked straight into Sarah’s eyes, “It was a woman, but it wasn’t human. I know that sounds insane, but it wasn’t human! She turned to me then and I was frozen with fear, I nearly passed out from it. She … she… she crouched down like an animal and bared those horrible fangs at me and screamed again, like she was challenging me. I couldn’t stand anymore and dropped to my knees right there. But I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She came at me slow, nearly crawling, but still on her feet. There was blood on her lips, she turned my head, exposing my neck…” the woman was shaking like a leaf, looking off into the distance. “I was so scared I couldn’t move! Then she was gone. It took me a few blinks to realize, she was so fast. But she wasn’t really gone, she was pacing the living room, walking bare footed on the broken glass, muttering to herself. It shocked me some that she was talking. She seemed so animal-like, I hadn’t thought of her thinking. But she was… she was talking to herself saying stuff like: “No no I said no, she didn’t do anything… we got the one we came for… we can get another somewhere else…no… no… I said NO!” It was like she was fighting herself, then she like, went into a frenzy, but she didn’t attack me, she started ripping up the carpet. She seemed… frustrated… but she didn’t even look at me again, she just tore into the carpet for a while, then stood up tall, took a deep breath, and walked out the back door.” She waved in the general direction of the back of the house and looked up at Sarah again. “She attacked him because he was hurting me, and she controlled herself so she wouldn’t kill me too. She’s an animal, but there’s some part of her that’s still human in there officer, I don’t know why, but she saved me.”…”

What do you think? promising? want to read more? or are you yawning? Let me know!

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