Poet AND Writer?

April is National Poetry Month, which got me thinking about how I started out (way back in 6th grade!) writing poetry. That was a tough year for me and poetry really started speaking to me. My teacher encouraged us to write poetry and so I started writing for myself. It was always the short poems, or pieces of poems that I clung to, so that is what I wrote.

For example I loved Phyllis McGinley’s poem “A Choice of Weapons” being an angsty teen at the time.




Sticks and stones are hard on bones.

Aimed with angry art.

Words can sting like anything

But silence breaks the Heart.




Yet I was still young , idealistic, and loved nature so I wrote:

Like a whisper,

The Wind

Lightly blows through the forest.

Are you listening?


I always thought of myself as ‘a poet’ never as ‘a writer’ until I kind of fell into novel writing around 2001. As my first book poured out of me I was shocked! I had played around with writing short stories but never even gave a thought to writing novels!

So here I am a poet, working on another novel that I would really like to publish, and wondering if anyone else out there does both. Are there other writers that also write poetry?

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