Is it vain to say that you LOVE your own story? Wrong to think that your own novel is just the best thing to grace a page? (Especially as it hasn’t yet become a ‘page’?) Every time I go through a section to rewrite, make a change, or just refresh my memory on what it is I’m writing about; I fall in love with it again.

I think I’ve managed to change my ‘romance part’ into something closer to romantic and farther from cheese ball. Been working out inconsistencies like what someone was wearing, or what a place was called. Getting all the details in like place names and minor character names… All of which takes time and isn’t all that fun. Yet it keeps reminding me why I started writing this in the first place.

This person in my head, this character and her world…. I want it to come alive in all its horror and grace. And I want other people to read it and GET what it is I SAW.



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