In my pursuit of a better novel, I have often played The Google Game and searched out questions. Like: “writing tips for horror” and “how to write a novel synopsis” and “proper formatting of dialog” and the latest “how to show point of view changes in a novel”. Some of these searches were more productive and others, and usually take up a good chunk of my time reading through all the possibles. At the best of times I have hit on some really good writing resources through these random searches. One of these is the blog of Chuck Wendig; terribleminds. Chuck is a novelist, screenwriter, and game designer. He also has an awesome, quirky sense of humor I find refreshing after reading several webpages full of dry advice for wanabe writers such as myself. And…. AND… his information is on point and sincere.

Some of the posts I have so far found informative and gratifying are:

I have yet to buy one of his books. This will change. My next ‘how to’ book will most definitely be one of his! In the meantime I will be working my way through his bog. You should be too!

My kind of ‘how to’ book!

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