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I was reading a discussion thread over on Goodreads—the-psychology-of-vampirism which pointed to this article on the psychology of vampirism.

Which I thought was a bit misleading because it didn’t really talk about the technical psychology of it, but the author’s look at her own personal psychology of her own liking of vampires. The Goodreads thread asks: “…what is it about vampires that makes you all weak in the knees? Confession time… Who was the first vampire to bite you and suck you into the sub-genre?” soooo…. here I go.


My first real taste of vampires (outside of The Count on Sesame Street) wasn’t centered on the male vampire in the movie at all but on the females. I didn’t want to be dominated by a vampire, I wanted to BE the vampire! The movie was an old one that you don’t hear about much called “Twins of Evil” (1971). I watched it in the late ‘70s or early ‘80s.

Of the two sisters, I identified with ‘the good one’ but wanted to BE ‘the bad one’. Perhaps it was because I was raised in a very conservative Christian household, but I sooo wanted to break free as the ‘bad’ sister did! In fact, the entire act of watching the movie was a rebellion, as we (my sister and I) were not allowed to watch scary movies. We snuck this old black and white movie on my sister’s very small old TV in her room.

I remember loving the bad sister’s courage and boldness but shaking my head at her mistakes. It was clear to me even back then that if you were going to be a bad girl you had to be smarter than the stuffy old “good” guy! Of the Count I don’t remember too much, I was aware that he was supposed to be very handsome, but I was very young and I don’t think I was much affected by handsome men yet. The sight of her blood-stained lips gave me a thrill though, and I wanted to know what that tasted like.

Twins Of Evil - 09

I was always a curious and imaginative girl. I was the one who introduced demons into my sister and I’s Barbie play. (My sister is 4 years older than me.) We got into trouble for that one when mom found out because my sister got nightmares from it. When the church put out tracks warning of Occults (this was the 80s mind you), I kept them and studied the occult symbols they put in it. Yet on the outside, I was the ‘good girl’… perhaps I was just smarter at hiding my evil ways??

Now, as an adult, I still tend to root for the vampire instead of the ‘hunter’. I loved Anne Rice’s vampire books not only because they portrayed bad vampires, but because they were from the perspective of those bad vampires! I would watch movies about vampire hunters like Blade, but my favorite part was when he bit the leading lady and drank her blood!

I was NOT impressed by Twilight, but if I was 16 when it came out instead of 37 I might have thought differently. Then again… maybe not. Writing my own vampire showed me just where my loyalties lie; Tabeth ( ) is a strong lady vamp who takes great pleasure in ripping people to shreds. She tries to not kill innocence like children, but targets ‘bad guys’ like drug dealers and killers. Capable of love and other emotions she is still a monster.


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