Title Trouble

Hello fellow writers and readers! I have some questions that I would like to ask, so to start, I will ask about Titles. Titles are one of the first things people see of your book. In the case of text-only, it is the ONLY thing people see of your book beside your name. How do you pick your titles?

cover mockup1 (cover mockup, not for use, all rights to photo owners)

I have been using the name of my protagonist (Tabeth) as my title and intended trilogy title. Other authors have used single names with success as book titles (Carrie comes to mind by Steven King, and it was one of his first successful books). What do you think of using a name as a title?

In reading about how to utilize the Amazon keywords to the max effect, I hear a lot about how putting keywords in your title is a great way to get more keywords. However, unless it is “Anita Blake Vampire Hunter” this can get very cheesy and gimmicky and I don’t want to do that. Is it acceptable to add something after the title, IN the title section, that is more descriptive? Like: Tabeth, Vampire in Search of Humanity. (Which sounds lame to me) Or “Survival isn’t always about staying alive.” (which I like but isn’t all that much more descriptive!)

This is book one of a planned trilogy, should “book 1” be IN the title? or just the description?

As part of a trilogy, I have possible titles for the next two- Tabeth: Edge of Eternity, and Tabeth: Onward into Eternity. Should I put something in the title of book one like… Opening Eternity? or just leave it Tabeth. (assuming, of course, I’m keeping that as the title)

Thank you for any and all thoughts and comments! I’ve been working on my cover today and these questions are bugging me. I can’t make the cover till I know!

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