Redemption’s Power

Episode 5

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Three days later Chad was standing with Ms. Wick at the front gate of the Prison. He was to play a newly caught ‘bad boy’ while Ms. Wick played an ‘official person’. Shawn’s talent for illusions made Ms. Wick look like the woman on the ID card, while Wicked Green worked her talent to get the guard to do everything she said. Mitzy and Shawn were disguised as Chad’s guards under more illusions. Mechal was in place to provide the distraction. Chad felt a little worthless here; all he was doing was providing a body. Maybe he could be more useful when they got inside.

The guard let them pass, one big bad guy flanked by two guards (one a little short) and an official type woman. When they entered the big square building, Chad immediately felt like he was walking into detention at school. It was a beautiful day outside, but inside it was cold, sterile, and just plain ugly. Ms. Wick walked briskly up to the desk; her heals clicking on the tile floor and rapped on the desk to get the receptionist’s attention.

“You will open the doors to C block now.” she ordered the older lady with the pinched facebehind the desk. The lady looked like she was going to denying the order, but a second more of Wicked Green’s golden glare crumbled her will into dust.

“Yes of course.” she said simply and pushed some buttons behind the counter.

Ms. Wick ushered them beyond the first set of doors then told Shawn to drop the illusions and took Mitzy’s hand. They took off down the barren corridor as an explosion went off on the other side of the prison.

“Woopie!” Called Mitzy, “It worked!” The Guild rescued Mitzy from a military base where they were trying to make her into a new weapons manufacturer. Mitzy can infuse liquids with a unique compound that is very unstable. Most of her experiments went boom at the least opportune time. Chad could understand her joy when one actually worked as intended.

“Mechal always gets to have the most fun.” said Shawn sulkily.

“We aren’t out of here yet Shawn.” said Ms. Wick, her voice taunt with anxiety.

They broke into a run as screams echoed down the halls and another explosion shook the building. One more turn and they were there, but they had one more locked door to get through, and one more security desk.

“Chad” said Ms Wick as they rounded the corner, “ram it, we don’t have time for niceties.”

Chad saw what she meant, four security guards and several other staff stood around the desk. There was no way Ms. Wick could get them all with her talent, she had to have eye contact. Chad sped up, getting ahead of the others and bellowed a warning to the people in front of the door. He hardly felt the metal doors ripping out of their frames, but it did jolt him for a second and spin him about a little. By the time he got his forward momentum under control, the others had gotten through without much trouble.

“Did you see that big guy!?” asked Shawn as he ran up to Chad, “I totally scared those guys into running for it!”

“He made it look like a whole herd of Chad’s was charging them!” said Mitzy with a grin, “It was actually pretty smart!”

“Well played, yet we still have not acquired our target.” said Ms. Wick, bringing them back to the task at hand. Chad wasn’t sure he liked Shawn using his image to scare those people, but he was glad they had gotten through ok.

Ms. Wick stopped in front of a cell door, checked a number on her clip board, and then nodded. “This is it, we don’t have a key, Chad would you do the honors please?”

Chad nodded back and grabbed the door, digging in his fingers around the door frame. When he had a good grip he simply pulled strait out; it popped like a cork.

Ms. Wick walked into the room and said, “Come with me if you want to be free.”

For the first time Chad thought about the girl, how would she react to someone ripping out her door and asking her that? Overcome with curiosity, Chad peeked his head around the door he was still holding. What he saw was a girl with long black hair, and eyes that gripped his heart. While the room was stark white and sterile; her eyes where alive. Like a horse that had been worked near to death but still, stubbornly, tries to keep going, she looked tired and drawn out, but still ready for a fight.

Shawn pushed his head out of the way so he could see better, it was just the sort of annoying thing Shawn did on a daily basis, and Chad was sick of it. He put the door down and pushed Shawn back. Of course Shawn went flying, but Chad wasn’t out of control, he knew from long practice that Shawn would just have a few bruises. Chad heard hysterical giggling coming from inside the room, and looked back in. The girl was nearly on the floor she was laughing so hard, had she seen what he had done?

Mitzy popped in under Chad’s head and took in the scene. “Thought you said she wasn’t really nuts?”

“Well,” Ms. Wick said, a bit perplexed, “She’s not thought to be totally nuts.”

Chad thought she looked even more alive now that her eyes were full of laughter. The girl tried to control herself and answer Ms. Wick.

“No… I’m only… only half crazy!” she said and broke down laughing again. In that moment Chad thought she looked beautiful, greasy hair and white medical gown included. The girl, Cassandra, he reminded himself, stepped forward and took Ms. Wick’s outstretched hand. Now if only they could get out in one piece.

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