Chapter Magic!


I sent my novel (Tabeth: Opening Eternity B1) back to my wonderful editor +Trish Jackson for its second round of edits this week. While I wait for her to fix my fixes I thought it would be a good time to go over the chapter titles. For those of you who write novels, how do you choose your chapter titles? And how important do you think they are? For those of you who read novels, do you pay attention to the chapter titles? And if so how important (fun?) do you think they are?


I am reminded of how I loved the chapters in Dragon Lance, not only were they great titles: Winged sleep. Smoke in the east. Dark memories. But the line drawings made them more than just “here’s another chapter”. They made them almost an art form in and of themselves. Harry Potter did the drawings too, but I don’t remember the titles at all.


My favorite chapter title so far in Book 1 is “Two Crazies and an Ax” which is a line of dialogue. Most of the rest are one-word descriptions like “Awake, Choice, Oak, and Rage”. My goal this weekend is to get some eye-catching, interesting chapter titles. Or at least better than “Sun”. What are your favorite chapter titles and in what books?

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  1. Looking forward to hearing how Tabeth gets on!

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