About Who?

Maria Rich

writer, dreamer, wannabe rock star…

I am just a person

with an attitude problem

an emotional disorder,

light mental malfunction

slightly neurotic

unfortunately non-narcotic

who dwells in the shadows of reality

and tends toward the surreal.

~Mia 1999

New haircut Sept 2019

I’ve been using this poem to describe myself on the web for years. It’s me in a nutshell but doesn’t really say anything. That’s how I tend to like it, mysterious without really saying anything important. Mainly that’s because, on the outside, I’m pretty normal. I am now 48 years old, I have been married for 29 years and successfully released my daughter into the wild with only minor pitfalls. I live in Indiana, which I always swore I would leave, and still work in retail, although I would love to work in a Library.


I started writing poetry for myself, as opposed to school assignments, in the 6th grade. However, I have never even attempted to publish them. I always blamed that on a lack of support from this person or that, but really it boils down to the only person who truly has control over what you do… ME. I am a terrible procrastinator and a bit of a coward. This, coupled with the fact that you just don’t make much money on poetry, kept me safe in my little dream world. I was a poet, I knew I was a poet, what did I care if nobody else did?

New tattoo 2019

That all changed when I wrote my first novel. I never thought of myself as a novelist. The few short stories I wrote over the years were not what I considered publishable, but this was a Novel! That’s important, right? I mean if you go to the pain and trouble of writing 50,000 odd words about a single character you should publish that right? Then I got bogged down in the rewrite and started another one. Then I wrote a third one that follows the first one without having finished the first one or the second one which is going to be a trilogy and…. Before I knew it I had most of two novels with starts of two more without having gotten the first one published! I decided to take a little break.

Tattoo I got on my back when I was 35. My first!

Then I went back to school. Yes, I am one of those 40ish empty nesters that went back to college which she never finished 20 odd years ago, but school got my brain working. Speech class taught me audience, Composition echoed that and added structure, and my favorite class to date, Creative Writing, taught me about all the things I kind of knew but was never really taught. I was on fire to go back over my books and push to publication. So here I am, working on my books, trying to keep my brain focused on the goals I set myself.

I decided to concentrate on my vampire novel, Tabeth. I now have book one ready for publishing, if I can just get through the tech stuff. I’m also working on the first draft of the second Tabeth book, and my two other main projects (Catalysis and Ancestors of Man). I also have a serial story project called “Redemption’s Power” that is free to read. I am starting a poetry project which will gather up some of my best poetry and publish it in book form, but this one is in the very early stages. Feel free to check out my Goodreads page which includes a few short stories, and follow me on Facebook, and Twitter where I have found a lot of great writers to hang out with.


So sit back and take a peek into my mind while I go through my life’s work of writing and push on into the unknown of becoming a published novelist.
Email: mymind@miarich.com
More pics of me:

Halloween 2000

All photo’s credit to Shane Rich, who loves to get me when I’m not expecting it!

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