Tabeth: Opening Eternity


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The Vampire horror genre and vamp myths, in general, have been my favorite for a long time. When my first novel ever was a juvenile fiction that had nothing to do with vamps or even horror I was a bit chagrined. So when I got an idea (from a dream I might add) for a vampire story I was thrilled! I thought it would be a short story and could sell it to a magazine or something as such, but then the word count got out of hand and I had thoughts about a second and possible third part and decided to try for novel length. And so, Tabeth was born!

A certain “sparkly vamp” movie came out about this time and I remarked that Tabeth was definitely NOT a sparkly vamp. She liked to kill and did so with relish, however, she is not an ‘evil’ vampire and tries her best to be “good”.


Waking up in a morgue with the taste of blood in her mouth, Tabeth struggles to remember who she is and why this blood tastes so good. Finding herself unable to control the urge to kill and horrified at how much she enjoys doing so, she tries to escape. With no one to guide her, Tabeth sets out to learn as much as she can about what she is while giving herself the challenge of controlling this monstrous hunger that wants to consume her. Holding onto her humanity tooth and claw, Tabeth finds her possible deliverance in that most human of things: Love. But is she even allowed to love? And will he love her back? How can he when she slaughters humans with such gleeful abandon? It doesn’t help that he’s a cop, and the entire police force is mobilized with the single purpose of destroying her. A dark, twisted tale of survival and deliverance, Tabeth brings both horror and hope back to the vampire genre.

Excerpt from Tabeth

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