Projects of the Procrastinator


I am a Procrastinator. It’s kinda like being an addict, you know it’s bad and you should stop, but you think….. I’ll stop tomorrow. But admitting you have a problem is the first step right?

I have a lot of projects, both small and large, currently on my plate. I also have more projects stewing in the back of my head just waiting for me to let them out. Only problem is that I have a hard time concentrating on just ONE and GETTING IT DONE!

cover mockup1

My main project is my vampire trilogy Tabeth.

The first book, Tabeth: Opening Eternity, is now done. Well… there’s still a few tweaks… and formatting, and the cover, and the blurbs, and that darn synopsis thing, and… IT’S DONE ALRIGHT! Publishing is just still in the works! The second book I am currently writing the first draft of. (In fits and spurts as you can see by my counter.) Even with the delay in publishing, I am damn proud of this thing I created. You shall see much more of this very soon!

I started out my writing ‘career’ as a poet. I never even thought of myself as a novelist till I wrote my first novel around 2001. I have TUNS of poetry moldering around my files and around the net on old webpages. One of these days I will actually publish a poetry anthology or three.


Here are two old webpages full of poetry. BE WARNED they are old HTML rabbit holes of my own creation! lol

Shadow’s Walk and Midnight Metal

The very first novel I ever wrote is the start of a Young Adult series I will eventually pull out of limbo and finish. It is called “Another New Life” and while the first book needs like MAJOR rewrites, I think the series has a big potential. I’m calling it a YA paranormal, mainly because I have no clue if it will turn out to be sci-fi or fantasy or something in between.


Redemption’s Power is a story I started in a creative writing class, so it’s in various formats (first person, second person, alt. perspective, flashback, play, etc.) So I have been presenting it in serial format, for FREE, on this website. Only my procrastination has gotten in the way and it’s been a while since I posted to it. I have more content! I’ll post it soon, I promise! Don’t kill me yet!!!


In true eclectic style (I’m a Pisces, we’re crazy, I’m sorry!) this project isn’t Horror, or YA, or Fantasy, or Sci-fi or anything like that…. it’s Historical Fiction. What’s more, it’s ancient pre-homo sapien history. Think Clan of the Cave Bear only before the true human’s arrived on the scene. I’m talking homo erectus or homo heidelbergensis here. I love this sort of thing, and a ‘dream’ sparked the main character for this story. I put ‘dream’ in quotes because it wasn’t a sleeping dream… I did what one might call a ‘past life regression’ or perhaps a ‘meditation on your ancestors’ or some such. And SHE looked at me. Told you I was crazy… OH! and it’s called “Ancestors of Man”.


I love to read sci-fi and fantasy, but my two main novel efforts have been horror and YA paranormal. However I lost track of a sci-fi story that I wrote years ago, and recently I found it@!!! Totally abandoning Tabeth, I have momentarily gotten sidetracked with rewriting and typing out this great story I thought I lost forever! It was moldering in the bottom of a drawer in a notebook gone yellow. The more I work on it, the more I like it (and the longer it’s getting!). I’m calling it “Catalysis”.


There are more projects running around my head like: another vampire short, an end-of-the-world YA fantasy, another vampire thing that’s YA, and this funky zombie fantasy thing, and a crazy story that has been ongoing in my head for most of my life and will probably never be written down because it incorporates tons of stuff from other books and movies and the main character’s name is Killashandra Ree!

Okay, I’m done now. *gins*