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Title Trouble

Hello fellow writers and readers! I have some questions that I would like to ask, so to start, I will ask about Titles. Titles are one of the first things people see of your book. In the case of text-only, … Continue reading

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Totally Totally TRUE!

I just have to repost this awesome illustration! Soooo true!           I found this little gem from Google+ Writing Resources group. The post is about how to avoid cliches and it is also totally true, but … Continue reading

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Poet AND Writer?

April is National Poetry Month, which got me thinking about how I started out (way back in 6th grade!) writing poetry. That was a tough year for me and poetry really started speaking to me. My teacher encouraged us to … Continue reading

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Night Kisses

National Poetry Month!   Today I would like to share a poem I wrote back in 1998.   Revised a bit today.   Night Kisses     Things always seem….. crisper         at night darkness more         poignant Light more … Continue reading

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Where the main character IS the evil one!

I have been trying to spice up Tabeth some more by developing the characters in more depth and I came to realize that my main character, Tabeth herself, is also the main ‘evil’ in the book! What is your main … Continue reading

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Try This: sense impression

In my Creative Writing book (Imaginative Writing by Janet Burroway) there are short exercises called Try This. We only did a handful of them in class so I am going back through the book and doing more. This is one … Continue reading

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