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#PitDark results

I had only one solid response to my #PitDark pitches, but the process was NOT a loss. Writing those pitches made me think about a bunch of things, got my connections to a lot of new authors who write horror … Continue reading

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Women in Horror Month!

I only yesterday found out that this is a thing! February is the Women in Horror month!! How did I not know this? So I thought I had better get in on this thing, as I am both a woman … Continue reading

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Vampire Introductions

I was reading a discussion thread over on Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/2057974-provocative-pnr—the-psychology-of-vampirism which pointed to this article on the psychology of vampirism. http://www.vampirebibliographica.com/vampire-philosophies/the-psychology-of-vampirism/ Which I thought was a bit misleading because it didn’t really talk about the technical psychology of it, but … Continue reading

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Poem: Blood and Ravens

blood and ravens chilling souls cut the skin, with shrieking words flow of midnight, rush of sin, to dark to see, the fear within 3-24-05

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Fun Parade

The ’90’s saw a whirl-wind of poems from me; for the first time ever I was connected to other poets via WebTV. (wow I’m old!)  So when I was looking for a poem to post for your enjoyment I decided … Continue reading

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