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new poetry, hot off the press… er… off the Word Doc.

Still wood bird cry echo soul reaching for what is not there. Feet pricked by thorns blood crumbs left on the trail silence deafening no one will follow. © Maria Rich 5/25/2015

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Title Trouble

Hello fellow writers and readers! I have some questions that I would like to ask, so to start, I will ask about Titles. Titles are one of the first things people see of your book. In the case of text … Continue reading

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“Difficult” scenes

I just finished a difficult scene in my book that involved the death of a child. It left me feeling heart broken and a little sick, but with an odd sense of satisfaction. I think the satisfaction is due to … Continue reading

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Beta readers wanted for Tabeth

Hello, I am at the point in my novel Tabeth where I think I could really use a beta reader or five. There are a few places I’m stuck and I need any help I can get. If you like … Continue reading

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Vampire Introductions

I was reading a discussion thread over on Goodreads—the-psychology-of-vampirism which pointed to this article on the psychology of vampirism. Which I thought was a bit misleading because it didn’t really talk about the technical psychology of it, but … Continue reading

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Short Story FUN!

I got into a discussion over at Google+ with +Max Saunders about tarantulas. Anyone who knows me knows I’m an odd ball who loves the creepy crawlies! Max suggested I write some horror story about them and I commented that … Continue reading

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Dreaded Holidays

With the dreaded holidays fast approaching, I was thrilled to see Special Holiday Music over at the HP Lovecraft Historical Society. Check it out!  

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“Inverted” Genres

My daughter visited us from Utah and we watched a great anime together (she’s big on anime, and I like them from time to time). She picked a good one; Petema Inverted by Yasuhiro Yoshiura. I went into it totally … Continue reading

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Totally Totally TRUE!

I just have to repost this awesome illustration! Soooo true!           I found this little gem from Google+ Writing Resources group. The post is about how to avoid cliches and it is also totally true, but … Continue reading

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In my pursuit of a better novel, I have often played The Google Game and searched out questions. Like: “writing tips for horror” and “how to write a novel synopsis” and “proper formatting of dialog” and the latest “how to … Continue reading

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