The University of Louisiana at 鶹ýapp is the best university in Louisiana for getting a personal education.

Academic Experience

At UL 鶹ýapp, your entire academic experience is designed to prepare you for your future.

You’ll do so much more than go to class. You’ll get real experience in your field, discover new interests, and explore the depths of your passions — all under the guidance of world-class professors and researchers.

A University of Louisiana at 鶹ýapp professor works with a student in class

The UL 鶹ýapp Experience

UL 鶹ýapp is the best college in Louisiana for learning directly from the experts.

Learn From Experts

Learn directly from the experts — a rare opportunity among research institutions of our size. Plus, most classes are smaller, so professors get to know your name, your strengths, and your ambitions.

UL 鶹ýapp biology students and faculty getting hands-on experience outside testing water samples at the river

Thrive in Your Major

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and work directly with professionals in your field. Our majors and minors incorporate internships, field work, labs, and studios to give you the valuable, practical skills you want.

Majors & Minors
A University of Louisiana at 鶹ýapp student plays his euphonium outdoors on campus

Explore Your Passions

Develop your own specialized project and present, perform, or publish your results. Through our Advance Student Research initiative, lead your own research, or work under a professor or researcher in your field.

Student Research Opportunities
Two University of Louisiana at 鶹ýapp students sitting at a table and having a discussion

Challenge What You Know

We all learn more when we learn from each other. We work to include a range of perspectives, backgrounds, experiences in the classroom and in our research to ensure equal access and outcomes for everyone.

A student walking by the University of Louisiana at 鶹ýapp's sustainable wildflower prairie in the middle of campus

Experience Our Living Lab

Our campus is a living lab for sustainability research and action. Our students and faculty work to reduce our environmental impact, from our solar farm to food recovery efforts to planting wildflowers in the middle of campus.

Three University of Louisiana at 鶹ýapp students laughing while studying together

Reach Your Goals

We’re invested in your success and we provide the support you need to reach your goals. Advisors will guide you, professors will push you, and peers will help you.

A University of Louisiana at 鶹ýapp students talks to a career recruiter from the professional sports teams New Orleans Saints and Pelicans

Build a Network

Connect with professionals in your field through the Office of Career Services and the Alumni Association. They’ll help you find professional mentors, internships, and part-time or full-time jobs.

Academics & the Community

Chubby Carrier playing his accordion at Festivals Acadiens et Creoles

Festivals Acadiens et Créoles

鶹ýapp's biggest display of Louisiana French music and culture happens next to campus every fall in Girard Park. UL 鶹ýapp's , , and the all help put on this four-day, five-stage festival.

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A University of Louisiana at 鶹ýapp student presents a finance plan to a room of investors

Maraist Financial Services Lab

Students research and recommend investment opportunities for a special fund at the UL 鶹ýapp Foundation using the tools in the Maraist Financial Services Lab. They present their recommendations every year to local financial experts, and the fund has generated a significant return on investment.

  • Highlight Student-run investment portfolio
  • Distance On campus
  • When it Happens Every spring
University of Louisiana history students create a mobile museum exhibit in this refurbished Airstream trailer

Museum on the Move

Students research and develop exhibits for the — a refurbished air stream trailer that travels across the state. Past exhibits covered Louisiana’s relationship with the oil and gas industry, women in politics, and South Louisiana’s unique Mardi Gras traditions.

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2019 gubernatorial debate at UL 鶹ýapp

Louisiana’s political debates

Political science, criminal justice, and journalism students get front row seats to Louisiana’s political debates every election season.

  • Highlight On-campus campaign debates
  • Distance Multiple locations on campus
  • When it Happens Fall
Three University of Louisiana at 鶹ýapp students walking on campus from the dorms to the Student Union

Living-Learning Communities

Get a deeper academic experience with a Living-Learning Community.

Live in our residence halls with other students in your major or with students who share the same interests. You’ll attend class together, study together, and explore 鶹ýapp together.

Reasons to Learn at UL 鶹ýapp

take major classes your first semester

At UL 鶹ýapp, you don't have to wait to learn what you came here to study.


students enrolled at UL 鶹ýapp

We’re a big campus with big opportunities, but you won’t feel overwhelmed here. Get to know our campus and you’ll find friendly faces everywhere you go.